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Becoming a member of the PTA

There's a reason why there is usually a PTA at every school throughout the US.  When parents work together to help their children excel, all students benefit.  The PTA is a group of like-minded people focusing on one thing: doing the best for our kid's educational needs.  

LAUSD does NOT provide all schools with every program that we, as parents, think our kids need for a well-rounded elementary school education.  Therefore, it is up to the parents and teachers to compensate for what LAUSD has not provided.  

El Oro Way is a charter school.  It has some different rules and budgeting restraints applied to it for that reason.  The PTA works to raise money that can be spent on things like a Physical Education Supplemental Program, a computer tech aide, and field trips.  These are items that are not otherwise provided to us.  

Now that you know a little of what the PTA does for your school, here is what being a PTA member could mean to you: 

-attending monthly meetings to learn about fundraisers or other issues

-volunteering at fundraisers or events (as little as 30 minutes is REALLY helpful!)

-offering support throughout the year of any special skill you might have

-attending fundraisers or events with your family to show support

See? Super easy.  Support is what we need, because support is what the PTA GIVES TO YOUR CHILD!  

Join us at the next meeting.  Stop by, even if just for a moment to say hi and introduce yourself.  Ask questions.  Use your voice!

Sign up! 

Click here to sign up to become a member of the PTA!  

*Once you get to the page, you will sign in either with Facebook or enter your email to complete your sign up. 

We love our Volunteers! 




Open 2023-24 Volunteer Positions

The more parents are involved in the PTA and our events, the more fun we have and the smoother the events go!  Join us and get involved in any or all areas that appeal to your interests and talents.

Click the button to sign up to volunteer on our sign up genius

  • Room Parents-Reach out to your child's teacher at the beginning of the school year if you are interested in being a room parent. Room Parents gather class contact information, keep their class informed of what is happening at school, coordinate teacher gifts, and support teachers based on their needs.  

  • Valet - Sign up from anywhere from one day a week to everyday to help students exit their cars safely in the mornings from 7:45-8:15. Be a part of the solution to help traffic and parking congestion around El Oro Way! Please reach out to Corie Schiffman to sign up. 

  • Restaurant of the month   Assist with contacting restaurants for scheduling  

  • Events

    • Sept - Social Night

    • Oct- Spooktacular, Pumpkin Decorating

    • Nov.- Food Drive

    • Dec -  Toy Drive, Cookie Decorating

    • Feb- Dance

    • April - Pinewood Derby

    • April/May Book Fair

    • May Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Lost and Found- Last Thursday of the month. Bring lost and found to the playground


And many more!


If you would like to volunteer in the classroom or on campus this year, even for one event, you must complete the LAUSD-required items below if you haven't done so already. Please review the volunteer checklist for more information about volunteering on campus. 

  1. Submit the application either online or via paper copy in the front office (if you don't know your child's student ID number, enter 000000 and Mrs. Schiffman will look it up when approving the application).

  2. Submit TB test clearance (good for 4 years) View forms 

  3. Schedule fingerprinting- Review instructions here

  4. Attend training workshop with Ms. Choi


Please contact Corie Schiffman ( or call the front office at 818-360-2288 with questions. 


ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST ATTEND TRAINING IN ORDER TO GET PROCESSED!! These requirements are ultimately to protect our students.  A list will be provided to the teachers regarding who is able to be on campus

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