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Direct Donation

What is Direct Donation?

Direct Donation is El Oro Way PTA's main fundraising drive each school year. The funds raised go directly towards enriching programs at El Oro Way including a PE program, field trip transportation, a tech lab aide who supports our robotics program, assemblies, community events and more.

Why should I donate?

Unfortunately, public school funding is just not enough. We all want the best educational experience for our children. Therefore, we have the power to come other as a community and make a difference. We need everyone to participate in donating what they can! 

....And don't forget, the 3 classes with who have the most students give a donation will get a pizza party! Help your class win!

How to donate:

Click the button below to donate online using credit card

Send a check to the office made out to El Oro Way PTA in an envelope labeled with your name, your child's/children's name(s) and classroom number(s), and your email. 

How much should I donate

Our main goal is for 100% of El Oro families to participate in donating. We want to continue to maintain the level of support for our school that our PTA has been able to provide in years past. We need to fundraise $80,000 this year to do that. This may sound like a lot of money, but it goes quickly to important programs. If we don't reach our goal, we will have the tough decision to cut funding for some areas. 

  • Weekly PE Class for every student: 25K

  • Technology Aide-Robotics Program: 15K

  • Field Trip Transportation 12K

  • Events 5K

  • Enrichment Materials 15k

  • ​School Equipment and Supplies 8K

In order to reach this goal, our suggested donation is $500 per student. This breaks down to only $50 month. Monthly payment plans are available! Your donation is 100% tax deductible. We are grateful that some families are able to donate more than the suggested amount and also understand that some may donate less. Any amount makes a difference!  


Ask your company about donation matching

Many companies have a program to match employee donations to non-profit organizations such El Oro Way PTA. 

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Shop at Ralph's! Tell the cashier you would like a percentage to go to El Oro Way Elementary!

Learn more about Box Tops.

Fundraising Events

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