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Becoming a member of the PTA

There's a reason why there is usually a PTA at every school throughout the US.  When parents work together to help their children excel, all students benefit.  The PTA is a group of like-minded people focusing on one thing: doing the best for our kids educational needs.  

LAUSD does NOT provide all schools with every program that we, as parents, think that our kids need for a well-rounded elementary school education.  Therefore, it is up to the parents and teachers to compensate where LAUSD has not provided.  

El Oro Way is a charter school.  It has some different rules and budgeting restraints applied to it for that reason.  The PTA works to raise money that can be spent on things like a Physical Education Supplemental Program, a computer lab and field trips.  These are items that are not otherwise provided to us.  

Now that you know a little of what the PTA does for your school, here is what being a PTA member could mean to you: 

-attending monthly meetings to learn about fundraisers or other issues

-volunteering at fundraisers or events (as little as 30 minutes is REALLY helpful!)

-offering support throughout the year of any special skill you might have

-attending fundraisers or events with your family to show support

See? Super easy.  Support is what we need, because support is what the PTA GIVES TO YOUR CHILD!  

Join us at the next meeting.  Stop by, even if just for a moment to say hi and introduce yourself.  Ask questions.  Use your voice!

Meet our PTA Board! 

President:                 Tina Grigorian                  

Vice President:         Corie Schiffman            

Treasurer:                 Sally Mardiros            

Secretary:                  Angelica Benavides            

Membership:            Lisa Getzoian-Lebron           

VP Ways & Means:    -          

Hospitality:                Natasha & Kevin Wandy            

Communications:     Ellen Macaluso          

Parent Coordinator:  Natalie Khooda Room        Historian:                    Chris Rondini

Parliamentarian:        Pamela Rondini

Auditor:                       Narine Marian


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